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Sub Rosa

If a picture is worth a thousand words - video is worth a million

Video CameraIf you suspect that someone who has claimed an injury is more capable than they let on, you don't have to take it lying down -- after all, he or she may be out racing motorcycles, shoveling rocks, or washing a vehicle!

We are committed to a two-week turnaround for sub rosa cases and can complete rush cases within 24 hours. Our surveillance operatives are well versed in invasion of privacy laws and will give you a consistently diligent effort and honest product. They are also able to work in a professional manner with your defense team in the event that a case comes to trial.

We will work with you to deliver our reports and video in whatever way is most convenient for you - reports can be e-mailed or mailed as hard copies, and we can provide copies of our footage on VHS, CD-ROM or DVD

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